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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lexicon Update and Intro

This is a brief intro to some of the core words that I have generated. As you can see Bin Tahr (pronounced Been-Tahrr) is comprised of two words: Been and Tahrr. Been means "Yes", "1" and "positive". On the opposite, Tahrr means "no", "zero" and the -ahrr suffix is the negative modifier for sentences.


BEn--- been Yes
Taq--- tahrr No
BEn aq--- been'ahrr Maybe


BEn--- been One - 1
Taq--- tahrr Zero - 0


YA--- dzae I/me/my/mine
GA--- gae you/yours
DA--- dae he/him/his
VA--- vae she/her/hers
KA--- kae it/its

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