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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sentence Structure

Simple Sentences

Bin Tahr relies partly on syntax (word order) but mostly on morphemes (non-translatable, single syllable sentence modifiers) to determine sentence and word meaning. Subjects always begin sentences, and predicates always follow. Structure is as follows: Subject, Verb, Object (SVO). Modifiers always follow the word they are modifying, so for instance adjectives always directly follow what they are describing.
So instead of saying “the small boy is swinging the bat hard”, a literal translation into Bin Tahr would be “man young small swing forceful bat”.

Morphemes and Modifiers

Bin Tahr contains many modifiers that change the sentence meaning. For instance the question modifier is always used at the end of a sentence to make the sentence into a question, sort of like a spoken question mark. Similar modifiers exist when determining verb tense and such.

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