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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pronounciation and the English port of Bin Tahr words

As demonstrated in previous posts, the characters in Bin Tahr are completely phonetical.

  1. Top consonant
  2. Middle Vowel
  3. Bottom consonant

Together, these three things comprise on word, or character. In the font, just hit the space button to advance to the next character after building the current character. NOTE- Sometimes more than one button must be pressed in order to achieve the desired character. NOTE 2- In this table, the "English" column represents the keys pressed to make the character you see in the "Bin Tahr" Column

The Bin Tahr alphabet/phonetics goes as such:

B--- B B
P--- P P
S--- S S
SD--- Sh SD
D--- D D
F--- F F
G--- G G
J--- J J
H--- H H
K--- K K
C--- Kd C
L--- L L
M--- M M
N--- N N
R--- R R
Q--- Rr (rolled) Q
T--- T T
TH--- Th TH
TR--- Ch TR
W--- W W
V--- V V
Z--- Z Z
Y--- Dz Y
A--- ae A
a--- ah a
E--- ee E
e--- eh e
I--- ei I
i--- ih i
O--- oo O
o--- oh o
U--- ew U
u--- uh u